Living as an extrovert was the worst decision I ever made. Here’s why.

Me trying to figure out if I should go online or not. Just kidding! Okay. Maybe that’s an exaggeration. But if I recount several days of going without showers, mood swings, loss of interpersonal skills, my snarky attitude towards anyone bearing any gifts of positive criticism, and months of self-loathing, my judgment is right. Living [...]


The Truth about Your Virginity and Your Sexuality

The Myth of the Broken Flower I’ve just recently started watching the show Jane the Virgin – a humorous, dramatic comedy following a 23 year old virgin who is accidentally artificially inseminated. This show triggered the topic for this article because Jane’s motivation for abstaining from sex before marriage was all instilled in her by [...]


and then sheets of glass fell swiftly onto concrete sheets of linen swayed gently in the summer breeze often i am taken back to a time when the leaves fell from the trees and i didn't know the taste of bittersweet seeing clearly through wide eyes as if for the first time like a floating [...]