to my younger self I am eight feet tall look at her accomplishments traveling the world speaking foreign tongues the awe the inspiration to my younger self this could not be me merely a book character lived through vicariously engaging with the city drinking fresh coffee perched on a stool watching the locals pass by [...]



and then sheets of glass fell swiftly onto concrete sheets of linen swayed gently in the summer breeze often i am taken back to a time when the leaves fell from the trees and i didn't know the taste of bittersweet seeing clearly through wide eyes as if for the first time like a floating [...]

Ocean Waves

we are ocean waves soaring and dropping churning and chop- ping sometimes monstrous sometimes still crashing into one another crashing into ourselves ever changing in motion ever beautiful powerful fragile dangerous miraculous we are ocean waves hiding a deeper secret a world within underneath the surface the skin systems and stories unknown mysteries we may [...]