Let’s Stop Hating on Islam

“Donald Trump seeks 'expedited' hearing on Muslim ban” [Al Jazeera] “Conservative media call for internment of Muslims following London attacks” [Salon] “To Arabs, Trump is just America without its mask” [Star Tribune] ---- Those are just a few of the many titles I read every day about Islam and Muslims. Don’t even get me started [...]



to my younger self I am eight feet tall look at her accomplishments traveling the world speaking foreign tongues the awe the inspiration to my younger self this could not be me merely a book character lived through vicariously engaging with the city drinking fresh coffee perched on a stool watching the locals pass by [...]


She could feel the earth stinging her feet every time she took a step.  It's why she kept running, running, running. She heard some distant call beckoning her away from the place of the present.  And she lifted her feet off the stinging ground and let the wind carry her away. What she left behind [...]

The Price of “Freedom” and “Equality” in America: the Racism Inherent in National Security

During the past couple of years a number of horrific events – most notably, the police shootings/killings of black citizens – have brought the issue of institutional racism to the forefront of mainstream politics and social life, leading many to admit that it is certainly one of the most deep-rooted and violent features of American [...]

Living as an extrovert was the worst decision I ever made. Here’s why.

Me trying to figure out if I should go online or not. Just kidding! Okay. Maybe that’s an exaggeration. But if I recount several days of going without showers, mood swings, loss of interpersonal skills, my snarky attitude towards anyone bearing any gifts of positive criticism, and months of self-loathing, my judgment is right. Living [...]